1. Gotta love this WOLFCOP fan art. 


    I went to go see Wolfcop on Friday and it was amazing!


  2. #WOLFCOP lego FTW!


    #lego #wolfcop set with attempt to create #wolfmobile @wolfcop @lolofilm @cinecoup cannot wait to see part 2


  3. Today is the day, UK! WOLFCOP is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD in your country. Where will he turn up next?!


  4. Sneak a peek at the vinyl soundtrack for WOLFCOP! 


    Wolfcop Soundtrack by One Way Static Records


  5. German trailer for WOLFCOP. 


    Pflicht für Filmfans des besonderen Geschmacks


  6. cinecoup:


    Ok, ok - Canada won’t hog our favourite lycanthrope all to itself anymore. Our friends around the world have been dying for some blood, guts and fur - and we’re stoked to announce that #WolfCop is going on quite a few trips in the next several months to visit and/or screen at festivals…


  7. Awesome! We didn’t see this one before. Nice style (and very funny). 


    This was an entry for wolfcopthemovie's Fanart Contest but however I read the deadline wrong and ended up being an hour late. Don't think I will be eligible but that's okay, I was pretty pleased with the results.

    When the contest first started the idea was to get WolfCop to do…well police stuff! So I was thinking about a scenario that would be like the TV show COPS- where the cops answer a domestic disturbance call, and then everything fell into place.

    There was a lot of detail and lighting work in this one!


  8. Nice! This looks about right…


    "Friday the 13thurrrrrk…!" by Sexy/Ugly.


  9. We can’t wait to get our claws on this action figure. 


    #wolfcop action figure progress sculpted by Emersen Ziffle. The paint job on this is #ridiculous. Next step production #esctoy @cinecoup @wolfcopmovie #werewolf


  10. Sometimes street smarts aren’t enough…


    An educated knows the most effective ways to maul his victims.